Hi there! I'm Florentin, a young designer from Germany focused on creating beautiful products for humans. With a focus on user interface, web and print design, I strive to create usable and polished products through passionate and deliberate design.

My journey

I actually started out in Microsoft Word

I've always had a passion for design and art. My journey started out quite early in Microsoft Word, as a young kid and with a lot of WordArt. This way I discovered my fascination for visuals and compositions in general.

With the creation of my design-related YouTube channel at the age of 13 and two years of continuous uploads, I found my way into the video game graphic design community. I also moved away from PowerPoint into the Photoshop world. Through my growing social media presence, I initially got my first few jobs mostly doing work for individuals in the social media world.

Since then I’ve been expanding my skillset, began developing my knowledge, taught myself how to code and eventually started my own adventure. It was at that time I truly understood the value I'm able to provide.


Fast forward

Fast forward a few years and I'm now working as a freelance user experience and interface designer with various clients from the highly diverse economic sectors and I have started my own business to pursue the dream.

When I am not pushing pixels, and besides being a student, you may find me trying out the hottest new design tools, shooting some sick photographs on Instagram – or often just snacking some delicious chocolate.


My focus

I mainly focus on UI / UX, website design & development and print design – but I’m happy to work with you on whatever you think I’m capable of.

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