In the funk-produced YouTube series "How to Music", the audience accompanies six up-and-coming musicians who are breaking new ground in the music industry.

How do you start a music career? How to Music accompanies six young up-and-coming musicians on their hard way into the music industry. In addition to talent, songwriters need many skills and work hard to be successful in the music industry for the long term.

With hard training, practice and the tips and tricks for appearances, personality, performance, studio recordings and provoking challenges, the young artists learn new skills week after week to further advance their music careers bringing them closer to their big dream of a record deal.

The next tough challenge is never far away!

The Campaign

All throughout Berlin

In order to initially promote the show, a poster campaign was initiated. The posters were hung up all over Berlin, where the show also takes place.

I was commissioned to design the individual posters featuring all protagonists based on images provided by a photo-shooting earlier.

Channel Designs

Present on all channels

I designed the complete channel design from banner & profile picture to thumbnail template for all platforms. Working with funk branding guidelines gives all channels of the content network a professional and unified look.

The Talent Channels

More content for fans

On the individual protagonist's channels viewers have the chance to discover what's going on behind the scenes of How to Music and stay up to date with exciting vlogs week after week.

Besides designing the main channel's look, I was also in charge of the individual channel designs.

About funk

funk is content network

funk unites the online formats from ARD and ZDF, the public service broadcasting in Germany, focused on reaching a younger target audience between the age of 14 - 29. Their content is natively designed for third-party platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok as well as on their own web app

The content network, originally launched in October 2016, is a public service and is therefore financed by the radio contribution, which enables the creators to create content that is free of advertising and independent of financial and political influences.

funk publishes entertaining, informative, critical and hopefully captivating videos on over 70 different channels.

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