ShortTech truly simplifies the way young generations consume consumer electronic media.

ShortTech is a non-profit tech project built by a small team of young teenagers who love to engage with consumer electronics & tech gadgets.

Since mid 2017 they report on the newest innovations in the tech & media world live on Twitter and on their blog. No matter if during weekdays or the weekends: ShortTech is always well informed about all topics and provides up-to-date news directly for you.

The Logo

s + t is short for ShortTech

The simple, yet clear letter mark endows the young brand with an unique look and high recognition value. It works for all form factors from small to big.

Why Twitter

Go where your community lives

Twitter connects 100 million daily-active users with over 500 million tweets sent per day. 37% of all users are between the ages of 18 and 29. And with 74% of twitter users stating to utilize the social network as their primary source for news, it's the perfect platform for ShortTech.

And their success can be measured: As they started out with their twitter account, they quickly reached hundreds of followers.

The Blog

In-depth reviews & tutorials

They reached out to further extend their twitter account with a blog. I chose Ghost as the CMS of choice, which is particularly focused on blogging. The blog covers more in-depth reviews, tutorials and personal opinions on topics around tech & media world.

My job was to design & develop a custom design for all pages. During my process I focused on colorful & playful layouts delivering real emotions.

Alexa Flash Briefing Skill

Alexa, tell me the news

Together with the team from ShortTech we also developed a custom Alexa Skill, which directly integrates with the newest tweets & blog posts. Just say "Alexa, tell me the news" and stay always up to date!

Customers discover and enable the skill in the Alexa app or through voice, the first time they listen to flash briefing.

Materials for events

Being present

ShortTech also markets themself outside the online world. Being present on events gives them the opportunity to meet their fans and engage with the fast-growing community. Of course stickers & merchandising play a major role.

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